The Blueprints…Your Keys to Success
Every precontest blueprint is in the same format, making the information you need easy to find, use and compare. Here’s how they are constructed:

Each blueprint starts with basic information about that athlete…major titles, birthdate, contest and off-season body weights, how long they prepare for a contest as well as the athlete’s website and social media information. The “About” section provides you with the foundation of that athlete’s story. As anxious as you may be to get to the details of their contest prep, the “About” sections reveal some of the more amazing stories that brought these women to greatness in their chosen field and what makes them unique in the sport so we’d definitely recommend taking a few minutes and giving them a read.

Precontest Training
Here you’ll find every detail, no matter how small, of how that athlete trains. Bodypart splits, sets, reps and a special set-by-set workout for their best bodypart are all included.

Precontest Cardio
In this section you’ll find out exactly when the athlete starts doing cardio, how many sessions are done, the length of the sessions, the type of cardio equipment they generally favor and how the cardio progresses throughout the entire contest prep period.

Precontest Nutrition and Supplementation
Here’s where you get every minute detail of the athlete’s precontest diet and supplement program. This includes the exact meals they eat, complete with measurements in ounces, grams, cups or tablespoons for every food. And each measurement is defined as a cooked or raw weight to eliminate any potential confusion. Water intake, meal frequency and cheat meals or cheat days are explained in this section as well. The athletes also put on their chef hats and share detailed recipes for healthy cooking to help make it easier to eat clean without having to always sacrifice taste. Last but not least, every athlete’s precontest supplement list is included here as well.

The Last Week
Want to know how your athlete of choice peaks the last week? No problem. This section details food and water intake and manipulation, carb depletion and loading, training and cardio and other secrets that can make all the difference the critical, final week before a show.

The Finishing Touches
This section outlines the all the little details that can make a big difference. Each athlete reveals their tanning, posing and presentation, posing suits and accessories, beauty tips related to skincare, hair and makeup, as well as backstage and travel issues.

With tanning, the athletes share their approach to getting a base tan, when they start using tanning lotions and creams and their exact regimen including number of coats and the timing of the applications in relation to appearing on stage. In terms of posing, you’ll learn how and when they prepare their posing routine or stage presentation for their particular division. And the Fitness pros take you through their precise process and steps that result in the amazing routines you see onstage. Each woman also shares tips regarding how they choose their posing suits (including suit colors), accessories, skin care, stage hair and makeup. They also give insight into dealing with travel issues like keeping water retention to a minimum when flying to a contest, handling food issues at events and more. And, you’ll even learn exactly what they do backstage, from pumping up to the kind of oil they use.

Three Tips for Divisional Success and Metabolic Burnout
In this section is titled with the athlete’s name, (for example, “Nathalia Says”), every woman provides their three tips for success in the division in which they compete(d). This section also contains a discussion of the athlete’s experience with metabolic burnout. Some competitors feel it makes it difficult, if not impossible, to get in shape for a period of time resulting from competing too often throughout the year or otherwise burning themselves out by doing too much cardio, crash dieting and/or overtraining. Some of our athletes believe in it, others don’t and they will tell you why.

Finish This Sentence
In this final section you can have some fun getting inside the heads of your favorite athletes. What do they like most and least about getting ready for a show? What do they want to eat the minute the show is over? When do they think they achieved their best condition and which other athletes do they admire when it comes to getting in shape and their look onstage? And what really motivates them to achieve greatness onstage and stay disciplined when they don’t want to make the necessary sacrifices that day?

In addition to the 27 blueprints contained in the book, you will also find contributions by three-decade NPC National and IFBB Pro Judge and NPC Women’s Chairperson, Sandy Williamson, and IFBB Women’s Historian, Steve Wennerstrom. The explosive growth of the women’s side of the industry sometimes creates confusion and legitimate questions. “What are the judges looking for in each division? What distinguishes a Figure competitor from a Physique or Bikini competitor? Which division should I compete in?” There’s no better person to answer those questions than Sandy and she provides them at the beginning of the book. And when it comes to getting a historical perspective of how the industry was born, grew up and had its “children,” no one is more qualified to share that evolution than Steve, a highly respected journalist who was there from the beginning and has truly made it his life’s work. We can’t thank Sandy and Steve enough for being part of this book and you’ll want to thank them as well once you read their amazing contributions.

The Women’s Precontest Bible reveals the finest details of every aspect of contest preparation, straight from the absolute best women in the world who have ever graced NPC National and IFBB Pro stages. Read it, learn from the champs and find your best blueprint to your best body, onstage and off. Enjoy the journey!